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Looking for Team Members?

If you are looking to meet new people to form a team post your request here. Share a little about yourself and what you are looking for. For example, if you code and are looking for someone who's good with design, business, marketing, customer acquisition or product development then mention it. Also, if you already have a great idea that empower local or global communities, share a little of it. It's all about meeting new people and expanding your network. But once you've formed a team don't forget to complete the Team Sign Up form. Happy connecting!

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    Hey guys, I'm going to be a junior in college in the NYC area, and am currently looking for team members! I've done some back end and full stack work in java and html preferably looking for designers and other java coders! I'm fairly new to the hackathon game, so I'm always looking to learn new languages/share experiences. I'm politically involved with my town so I have lots of great ideas to share. Thanks for reading, hope to hear from some of you guys soon!

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