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Project Ideas

Hi everyone, below are a few project ideas that provide examples of ways that technology can empower and build local and global communities. Use them to start brainstorming (but make sure your team comes up with its own unique idea!)

1. Community Planit: App that crowdsources community planning and encourages users to be involved in the planning and design of projects, neighborhoods, cities, and related social spaces by asking interactive polling questions

2. Yak.bus, a real time bus notification system that uses voice and SMS.

3. Homeless - SCC, a web based app that connects homeless individuals with services according to specific needs & eligibility. The app empowers local government, nonprofit agencies, & the general public to collaborate around accurate & actionable information.

4. txt2wrk, helps parolees, homeless, and other job seekers compete on a more level playing field by providing text-to-speech delivery of job postings on any mobile phone. With txt2wrk, job seekers are alerted to new job postings, can listen to job descriptions, and apply for jobs, 24 hours a day, all without a connection to the internet.

5. Talk with Sam, provides citizens the ability to see legislative bills near them based on their location. It allows citizens to add comments around the bill and use social media to share the bill to their social network(s). It provides a vote up / vote down ability and computes an approval rate based on votes.

6. Pictoson, an app that facilitates communication, problem solving & exchange among different cultures & languages by translating pictograms into 22 languages using a flashcard technique.

7. The Talking English, an app that listens to someone speaking common English words and tutors on pronunciation and vocabulary.

8. My Rights, One click platform for citizens to search and find information about various government solutions (schemes, benefits, scholarship etc.) designed for them

9. Findme, a research-based gaming app for young autistic kids, which addresses two important social communication abilities: ‘Looking at People’ and ‘Following Social Cues’. By boosting their social interaction and language abilities at an early age, Findme enables them to reach their full potential.

10. AMazing STEMM Trailblazers, a gaming app that features STEMM heroines and combines problem solving and critical thinking with STEMM knowledge acquisition.

If you have additional ideas about solutions that can help out communities, feel free to share below!


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